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Alumni June '08 meeting

November 04, 2007 Posted by Webmaster

This month's meeting hosted by Shaleka Hailemariam & W/z Tessemie was a joyous and unique occasion. The Special outdoor arrangement made this bi-monthly meeting even more enjoyable for all ages.

We saw new faces, old faces and invited guests. Although the gracious host and our chairman Shaleka Hailemariam failed to rate this occasion in particular, the alumni members and invited guests who were there unanimously voted this to be one of the best "Andegna!"

Here is an e-mail testemonial from one of the guests who attended the meeting:

"Selam Shalequa and W/z Tessemie

Many many thanks for inviting us for this wonderful celebration where we were able to share our deep respect for former officers of highest intellect who greatly contributed for the well-being of our Motherland.

Despite the negative societal image caused by the heavy hands of Derg, I believe history will reveal the wonderful contribution of all service men and women that should be written in a gold plate.

Once again thank you so much for inviting me to this wonderful event. I hope you will share my testimonials to members of the Academy and their family.

With Warm Regards
Bineyam Gebrewold R.T(N) CNMT"

Click on the link below to see Pictures of the day.