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July'07 Bi-monthly Alumni meeting

August 07, 2007 Posted by Webmaster

News of the HMAHAA’s July bi-monthly meeting that was hosted by Lt. Yonas Alemayehu and w/o Tsegie which was unique, enjoyable and bountiful are as follows:

1. The chairman introduced the following new members to the Association:
B/G Demisse Goshu - 9th Course;
Col. Melese T/Mariam - 6th Course;
Col. Nigatu Bogale - 21st Course
and Lt. Tassew Sissaye - 14th Course.

2. Copies of the revised By-law were distributed to Members and will be posted soon
3. Discussion of the need for forming an audit committee

4. Maj. H/Mariam Abay (chairman of HMAHAA) and Weizero Tiseme Haile (spouse), celebrated their 40th anniversary. (See photo below).

Photo of the day below.