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HMAHAA July 9 Meeting

June 27, 2006 Posted by Webmaster

July 9 HMAHAA bimonthly meeting was held at the residence of Dr. /Col. Afre Getachew and Ms. Yalemtsehai H Tesfay’s residence. It was a unique and heart warming event. Graceful environment, wonderful meal and heart felt testimonials to the charity work the family has done for the members and member’s families.

1. Alumni members recognized Dr. Shimelis’s presence with heart felt appreciation for the life saving work he has done for Col. Kassu Taye.

2. Col. Kassu Taye made a moving statement thanking the host family, Dr. Shimelis, and the Alumni for being their for him when he needed us. It was so moving and heart felt that every one felt a lump in their throat.

3. Matters concerning the amendments to the bylaws were also discussed.

4. Good news about the engagements of childrens of the Alumni members was heard. It was told that the engagement ceremony was conducted in accordance with the Ethiopian culture.

Finally the chairman Maj. Hailemariam Abai made his traditional and gracious speech and concluded the meeting by declaring this event to be the BEST SO FAR!

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